Yoga & Meditation

LiveFree Yoga evolved out of a combination of studies in traditional Hatha yoga in India, Depth Psychology & shadow work in the yoga room, Elemental yoga therapy based on traditional Chinese medicine and a shamanistic & ritualistic relationship with Nature. With a basis in Tantric yoga philosophy and Nature's 5 elements, Karli's style of teaching varies through hatha, vinyasa, bhakti, kundalini, and yin with a focus on activating the body portal through movement & breath. Each class is designed to take you into the Nature of yourself through an art of weaving together story, asana, breath work, and guided meditation. 

Experience LiveFree yoga through a private yoga therapy program or join upcoming registered sessions! 


Upcoming Registered Sessions

LiveFree Yoga's registered series are more than just a physical asana class. They are curated experiences designed to foster a deeper connection to all aspects of Self through a combination of asana, movement, meditation, ritual and self-discovery. Expect classes unlike any other! 

Lunar Yoga ☾

Sync your mind, body & soul to the cosmic rhythms of La Luna as you activate the rhythms of your own cycle through an embodied experience of the Moon's calling. Each phase of the lunar cycle will be celebrated with movement designed intentionally to connect you to the Moon's greater powers. Travel through the archetypes of the Feminine in a mythical and symbolic journey through your psyche and into your heart. 

Movement. Connection. & Sisterhood.   

Join us for a special women's gatherings on Full Moon & New Moon nights to further explore the archetypes and energies at hand. 

Natural Rhythms Yoga & Meditation 

A seasonal yoga & meditation series that activates and aligns with the natural rhythms of the world through yoga and meditation. These classes will foster a deeper connection to the current season in which you are living, both within your body and outside of yourself, while providing a safe container for deep personal healing and development of a consistent practice. 


Psychology of the Chakras 

8 week series

A spiritual pilgrimage through the Chakras designed to reveal and connect. Using the chakras as a psycho-energetic map for self-discovery, this series fosters a deep understanding of all aspects of Self. From questions such as Who Am I? to Where Am I going? And What do I want? Through yoga, ritual, shadow work & journaling, this series will help guide you into a deeper relationship with yourself. Remove blockages, activate energy centres, and balance overall well-being as you build foundations that allow you to soar to new heights. 

More information coming soon.