LiveFree Yoga has changed my life. Prior to my experiences with Karli, I did not know the light that exists within me. Karli’s light, passion, faith and kindness are infused into everything she does, from yoga itself to planning and hosting week-long retreats. I cannot wait to see what comes next from LiveFree Yoga!
— P.S. Retreat Participant, 2016

"I have grown exponentially in knowledge, self love and acceptance"

I went to Peru with Karli, the founder of LiveFree Yoga, in May of 2017 and what a life changing experience. Every little detail was meticulously planned to make the experience an incredible and unforgettable one. She was there for me and the group every step of the way. The different meditations, activities, adventures and ceremonies were out of this world. I have grown exponentially in knowledge, self love and acceptance after spending 2 weeks with Karli on her Journey H(om)e retreat in Peru. I cannot thank her enough for introducing me to a new peace of mind, and guiding me through this journey of self.

- C.W. Retreat Participant, 2017 


"nothing short of sacred"

I recently had the pleasure of partaking in a Tea Ceremony with Karli. The ceremony was nothing short of sacred. Karli has a beautiful way of creating space and exuding peacefulness. I instantly felt calm and centered at the beginning of the ceremony. We sat facing each other, with the tea in between and she started with an intentional smudging. As she held space, and poured the hot liquid for me, cup and cup again, I was transported to a place of bliss. I sat with my eyes closed for the whole journey, feeling safe and nourished. At the closing of the ceremony Karli offered a short tarot card reading, which was a wonderful, insightful way to close. All in all, it was a magical experience. I look forward to more exploration of tea and holistic healing with Karli in the future. Thank you!

- E.S. Private Tea ceremony, 2017

"I am forever grateful"

I had the privilege of joining Karli on her yoga retreat in Mexico and words really don't do the experience any justice. It was a beautiful, life changing event for me and Karli was so supportive throughout the whole experience. She did a wonderful job balancing classes and excursions alongside relaxation and unwinding from day-to-day life. I am forever grateful to Karli for providing the opportunity to embark on a journey that ignited my inner light and helped me to better discover myself!

- A.L. Retreat participant, 2016 


My first tea ceremony with Karli was one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive and I will never forget that day. I truly cannot thank Karli enough nor can I explain how grateful I am. It was a huge shift for me that will change my whole life. The day after, I remember being so focused on rebuilding a relationship with myself and the people I love. I felt so different than I had in such a long time.  Something unlocked or clicked inside of me that had been blocked for 25 years.  I see everything so differently now. I feel like a different person. That one tea ceremony truly changed my life.

- C.R. Private Tea ceremony, 2017 

"Every detail with love and care"

Karli is a wonderful teacher, her sincerity and enthusiasm shine through every class and project she takes on. I had the pleasure of attending her maiden yoga retreat in Mexico. It was an amazing week with an amazing group of strangers who became family. From the buffs to the fresh nutritious food to the kayaking and SUP excursions, Karli planned every detail with love and care. Karli is a dear friend and I am so proud of what she has accomplished with LiveFree Yoga and look forward to what she has planned for the future!

- A.P. Retreat Participant, 2016 

Karli is by far one of my favourite yoga teachers! She will gently guide you through the postures with an open heart. I can’t wait to experience Karli’s class again.
— Reiki healer, Tori Kushnerik

"My favourite teacher"

I was lucky enough to attend one of the first classes Karli ever taught! And I loved her teaching techniques from the very start. I have been attending Karli’s classes for over a year now, and I can easily say she is my favourite teacher! She has a great flow with lots of options and mods where needed. Karli also offers the more challenging poses and encourages us to try them out! There are always lots of laughs and a great atmosphere in her classes. And my personal favourite: ‘smile at your neighbours and thank them for sharing your practice’. 

- M.W. Yoga Student, 2015

"so beautifully healing"

It was so beautifully healing. My first sip brought me to tears. After sadness, came relief and then a splash of gratitude. Then came laughter. I laughed at the ride I’ve been taking for many months - stress, frustration, love, sadness. By my fourth cup, I felt calm and a greater stillness.  A perfectly crafted ride.  This could be the beginning of what I’ve wanted for myself for a long time. Could one morning of 5:15 wake up and tea meditation really do all this for me?”

- C. W. Private Tea Ceremony Recipient, 2017 

"I will forever hold LiveFree Yoga in my heart"

I met Karli for the first time while in Mexico for her first yoga retreat. The location couldn't have been chosen any better! The food was incredible. The energy brought into each yoga class and just in general was captivating. I will forever hold Livefree Yoga in my heart.

- J.N. Retreat Participant, 2016 

"Karli radiates such beauty inside and outside of her classes"

My experience with LiveFree Yoga and Karli herself has been spectacular! My first time attending one of Karli's classes was in Mexico while on the Welcome to the Jungle eco-retreat that she hosted. Everything was perfect, from the food, to the activities which included a variety of options to please everyone, to the location at the Tailwind Jungle lodge, and the overall experience I am very very pleased! Karli radiates such beauty inside and outside of her classes, i can't wait for my next encounter with LiveFree Yoga!

- J.V. Retreat Participant, 2016

"Authentic and caring nature"

In jan 2016, I being a 49 year old male, decided to participate in Karli's LiveFree Yoga retreat in San Pancho, Mx. This was the first of its kind I've ever been on. I am impressed with Karli's knowledge with many aspects of yoga and her authentic caring nature towards all her students. I am confident in her ability to arrange more fabulous outings. Namaste.

- R.S. Retreat Participant, 2016

I’ve been to several different yoga classes with different teachers but I must say Karli is one of the most connected teachers I’ve had. I am very glad I went to her class and looking forward to many more.
— M.H. Yoga Student, 2015

"a beautiful heart"

I first met Karli at her first retreat at the Tailwind Jungle Lodge in Mexico. She is a warm and caring person, with a beautiful heart. Her yoga classes were both challenging, and invigorating. The activities and excursions she planned were absolutely amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better person to lead us on this retreat and I'm forever grateful to her for allowing me to partake in this experience.

- J.S. Retreat Participant, 2016

“Leaves you feeling connected.”

I had the honour of seeing Karli grow from a student to a teacher. She has a friendly, gentle, yet adventurous spirit, that fills her classes with warmth while keeping yoga fun and accessible to all. Karli's classes are well-rounded, and will leave you feeling connected to your body, mind & soul.

- P.M. Yoga Instructor, 2015 


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