LiveFree with Karli

Mexico Retreats  

Dos Lobos Retreat 

December 31, 2017 - January , 2018

Join LiveFree Yoga & Sea to Sea Tours as we surf, flow & meditate our way into the New Year. Spend New Year's Eve with us as we celebrate the past and welcome in the future from a place of peaceful presence on our very own private beach! On the beaches of the Mexican Pacific and in the temperate rainforest of the Mexican jungle - find yourself refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed! Over the course of the week we will connect with the astrological energies of 2018 to give you the best possible year ahead. 


Dos Lobos means "Two Wolves" which aligns with what 2018 is going to bring us! 2018 is a numerology 2 year which means it is all about slowing down, grounding, fine-tuning our lives, and paying specific attention to our partnerships. Ancient Chinese Astrology calls 2018 the year of the Dog. Dog represents loyalty, kindness, stability and again - relationships! But we can only focus on our external relationships after creating balance within ourselves.  Join us as we balance our mind, bodies and souls through the Earth energies of slowing down and the Wolf Moon energies of the January 1st Full Moon. Come & howl your way into the New Year! 

Available additions ($): 

Reiki treatments 

• Massage

• 2x additional surf rentals/lessons

• A unforgettable cacao ceremony! 

What's included: 

•  6 nights accommodation at ChulaVida jungle lodge

• 3x daily nutritious vegan/vegetarian meals

• 1-2x daily yoga classes

• 1x daily tea meditations

• 2 trips into the surf villages of Sayulita & San Pancho

• An exclusive surf trip to Punta Mita

• Airport Transfer (PVR) 


Cost: $2390 CAD. Ask us about our labor of love sliding scale! 



Situated in the pristine jungle, Chulavida is just a ten minute walk away from a private beach on the Pacific Ocean.
What used to be a jaguar reserve opens its doors to allow us entry into the beauty of the simple life. Enjoy the scent of the plants, and take in the sound of the life surrounding Chulavida. Equipped with 8 comfy single beds, in four diferent rooms separated by dividers in groups of two, make it the best choice for a group of friends! Each bed has a mosquito net and nightstand. There is no air conditioning in the rooms. Instead, the house is built with thick walls, and is surrounded by palm trees, with tall ceilings to keep air flowing and to keep guests cool. Feel the warmness and luxury of the jungle in our open-air showers and enjoy its beautiful views.
Sit back and relax in the lounge, bring a book and make time for yourself. There won't be Wi-Fi in the jingle but the good news is there are tons of things to explore outside of your phone. Use this time to disconnect outside and reconnect inside! 


Enjoy 3x daily nutritious vegan/vegetarian meals prepares by a holistic nutritionist and chef to give your body what it needs! Dietary restrictions can be accommodated. While we encourage you to try a vegan/vegetarian diet, fish is available at an extra charge. 

daily Yoga 

Join Karli & Brad as they guide you through a variety of daily yoga practices. With over 800 hrs. of combined teaching education and numerous teaching hours, each class is guaranteed to be unique! 

daily tea ceremony 

Join Karli in ceremony as she shares her greatest passion with you - Tea! This is a great practice for those wanting to build a steady meditation practice. Every sit with Tea is an opportunity for deep healing, deep connection and deep presence as she meets you exactly where are and gives you just what you need. It is a truly profound sensory exploration of the 5 elements. 


Brad's passion lies inside of a barreling right point break and he can't wait to watch you connect with the Sea! There will be a multitude of opportunities for surf, including an exclusive surf trip to Punta Mita. Clear waters & rolling waves after a morning of yoga & meditation sound pretty good to us! 


Although our focus is on slowing down, breathing deep and taking in the pristine jungle air, there will an abundance of things to keep you busy! We will head into local surf villages San Pancho & Sayulita for unforgettable evening sunsets, meals, shopping, culture and more surf! 


LiveFree Yoga Past Retreats in Mexico 


Welcome to the Jungle, January 2016

A week of rejuvenation and adventure in a picturesque jungle lodge on the Mexican Pacific where we woke to the sounds of nature and our bodies and breath became in sync with the great spirit of the outdoors. 


Alone or by two they came
And all left the same
17 became
A new home they found
Within themselves
Within each other
With Mother Nature
And father sky
I'll never forget you all until I die
Then I'll see you there
And again stare
At your soul and smile
But I better see you before then!
I'll miss your smiles
Third eyes flowering
We've all just started a most beautiful journey
I want to see how far we all go
But you might not be able to find me
It's a big world out there and I want to see it all and share this feeling we've all experienced
That sense of community
I love you all and wish everyone of you all the love in the universe.

 A special thanks to Retreat Participant, Clinton Mueller. 



I had the privilege of joining Karli on her yoga retreat in Mexico and words really don’t do the experience any justice. It was a beautiful, life changing event for me and Karli was so supportive throughout the whole experience. She did a wonderful job balancing classes and excursions alongside relaxation and unwinding from day-to-day life. I am forever grateful to Karli for providing the opportunity to embark on a journey that ignited my inner light and helped me to better discover myself!
— Retreat Participant, Alicia Lavigne.