Holistic Healing 

Karli offers simple and effective custom-designed yoga, meditation & holistic guidance programs both online and in-person using a combination of experience and education in western psychology, holistic counselling, energy work, yoga therapy, plant medicine, and guided meditation. Private holistic healing sessions & programs are designed as holistic Mind-Body Therapy to help you transform through emotional, mental, and physical limitations to enhance all areas of your life. Just as Karli's group gatherings are based on a synergy of the natural forces, her private healing sessions too incorporate a play of the elements. From grounding Earth-based modalities of yoga, tea, and talk therapy to ethereal forces of reiki, intuitive energy readings, and tarot cards, each space is created for you to greet every part of yourself with love. 

“When your world moves too fast and you lose yourself
In the chaos
Introduce yourself
To each colour of the sunset.
Reacquaint yourself with the Earth
Beneath your feet.
Thank the air that surrounds you
With every breath you take
Find yourself in the appreciation of life.”
— - Christy ann Martine

Elemental Yoga Therapy 

Reactivate and realign the natural rhythms of your body with the natural rhythms of the world. Through an Elemental approach of activating traditional Chinese meridians, these classes will help you to remember what it feels like be alive in your body. Allow the mat to give you the space to connect with yourself on a deeper physical, emotional and mental level. Listen to and learn from your body through a mindful connection of breath and movement. Karli has built custom programs for those identifying with anxiety, depression, stress, injury, autoimmune dis-ease, relationship concerns, and a desire for more self-love. Her programs are great for beginners to advanced practitioners as each program is designed to create a balanced individual in mind, body & soul. On average, each session is 1.5 hours. All private yoga therapy programs are designed following an initial consultation that takes place in the form of a Free to Be Session, Private Tea Ceremony, or a combination of the two. Sessions available in person & online. 

Private Tea Ceremony 

A deeply transformative experience in a quiet & meditative space. Cultivate a meditation practice by gifting yourself the time and space to simply be. Every private tea ceremony is unique as Karli intuitively curates the experience to be what you need. May include a card reading, energy reading, and/or holistic counselling.  On average, each ceremony can last around 1.5 hours. 

Read More about Tea Ceremony, HERE

Free to Be Session 

Whether you need a safe space to cry, laugh, talk, reflect, dance, or just simply be. Free to Be sessions are designed in the moment to give you exactly what you need. These Free to Be Sessions allow you the space to unravel your tales, discover what ails you and find the healing power within, with a foundation of holistic counselling in mind. On average, these sessions run for 1 hour and often incorporate other healing modalities, such as reiki energy healing and card readings. Sessions available in person & online

Energy Medicine & Readings 


An ancient "hands-on-healing" technique used to bring healing energy into the energetic, emotional, mental, and physical body. Originating from Japanese lineage, the word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which means "life force energy". While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. It has no dogma and can be used to heal all. In a reiki session, Karli serves as a vessel and conduit in which healing energy is both channeled and amplified into the person she is working with. It is not possible for reiki to do any harm to the individual. Reiki works whether the person is open to energy work or not, however, the more open an individual is to receiving reiki, the more amplified their experience.  Available both in person & online. 

Benefits of a reiki session

Reduced stress 

Promotes relaxation 

Spiritual healing 

Emotional Cleansing 

Feelings of peace, security, & well-being 


"As she began to channel healing energy into my body, I felt this overwhelming emotional release coming to the surface. Immediately after the first minute, I felt the energy being transferred throughout my whole body, and tears filled my eyes.  I released so much heaviness. It was amazing! Thank you so much for your gift Karli, I know that you will heal so many others around the world with your hands and open heart chakra. You are the true meaning of unconditional love."

- T.T, Private Reiki Treatment Recipient 


Experience a reiki-infused shamanistic journey into the upper and/or lower worlds to reclaim lost parts of yourself through a vibrational sound healing to the heart beat of the drum. Reclaim your voice. Meet your spirit animal. Connect with loved ones. Or, simply experience the vibrations of the drum. Designed to heal and transform. Sessions last for 1 hour and can be done both online and in person. 

Card readings 

Access the wisdom within your heart using the psychic modality of card readings. Cards can be used to help us gain clarity around a particular issue, relationship or decision. Karli performs online distance readings as well as in-person readings. 

Mind-Body Therapy 

Complete healing doesn't come from one yoga session or one reiki treatment. It can certainly help alleviate symptoms but true ever-lasting healing requires commitment and dedication. Karli offers long-term treatment programs that range from 3-12 weeks in length that are designed for the deepest healing and transformation to occur. Each program is custom-designed using an elemental model of mind-body therapy with a focus on the awakened states of giving, receiving, being and doing at the physical, mental, emotional and energetic level. Programs involve the combination of private yoga therapy, tea ceremony meditation, reiki drum treatments and free to be counselling. Contact Karli to start designing your program now! 

The time will come when, with elation, you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror, and each will smile at the others welcome. You will love again the stranger who was your self. You will give back your heart, to the stranger who has silently loved you all your life.
— Love after Love, Derek Walcott