Cha Dao: The Way of Tea

Cha Dao translates to the "Way of Tea".  It is a practice that comes from ancient Chinese lineage that has been used by sages as a form of medicine and a way to cultivate awakened presence. Although traditional Tea Ceremony has roots in Daoist & Zen philosophy, it is non-dogmatic and available to all. A tradition passed down through Tea Master Wu De, Karli believes Tea is a way to living a life of freedom. Through ritual and ceremony the mundane becomes Sacred, opening yourself up to a whole other world. A world of presence and gratitude for all that life has to offer. Karli is forever grateful for the teacher of Tea. For she has served as a simple reminder, a medicine, and a conduit for true, lasting change in Karli's life. Her dharma is to share Tea with you. 

In a world that so often asks,

 "How are you DOing?"

 Tea asks us,

"How are you BEing?"

Tea Ceremony (Meditation) 

Tea Ceremony is about creating a space of reverence for the plant teacher, plant medicine, and plant spirit of Tea. When we show up for Tea, she shows up for us.  As we open ourselves to her magic she begins to heal us on a multitude of levels. She is gentle, warm & inviting as she works with your Chi (energy) and unlocks the wisdom of your heart. Every sit with Tea is an opportunity for deep healing, deep connection and deep presence as she meets you exactly where are and gives you just what you need. It is a truly profound sensory exploration of the 5 elements. As the heat from the hot water unfurls and unlocks the wisdom of the Tea leaf,  the steam rises letting go of all that needs to be released. The smell of the Tea leaves dance around you as you bring the medicine to your lips. The taste, like a healing river, flows into your body. You no longer know where Tea ends and you begin. Together as one, you connect, you heal and you remember. A practice of both personal ceremony and/or communal ritual that is much needed in our world today. 

With meditation at the forefront of holistic health, I want to help all who seek a calm mind and a happy heart to begin their journey to health with Tea. 


Benefits of Tea Ceremony

Creates a state of balance in your mind, body, + soul

Increases relaxation and awareness

Moves Qi (chi) Energy

Promotes Gratitude & Presence 

Deepens your connection to Nature and the Five Elements

Provides the framework for a consistent Meditation practice 

Prolongs Health and Longevity

Cultivates Community 

Private Tea Ceremony 

A deeply transformative experience in a quiet & meditative space. Cultivate a meditation practice by gifting yourself the time and space to simply be. Every private tea ceremony is unique as Karli intuitively curates the experience to be what you need. May include a card reading, energy reading, and/or holistic counselling.  On average, each ceremony can last between 1-1.5 hours. 

private group tea ceremony 

Tea is a great way to gather your friends, family, or share a unique experience with your partner. It can be as simple as an intention to gather and share with one another, or can be used for a special occasion celebration. On average, each ceremony can last between 1-2 hours, depending on the number of people being served and added offerings.

Business meeting tea ceremony 

Looking for a unique way to collaborate with business partners? Let Tea connect your minds & hearts as you discuss your plans for the future or celebrate the past! Business meeting tea ceremonies are served with professionalism and give you the freedom to discuss business matters with your partners over a warm cup of Tea. Great for businesses, corporations & organizations. 

sacred gatherings  

A space for community to connect all hearts through the Spirit of Tea.   Join Karli as she serves Tea out of her home at the Medicine Nest in Victoria, BC. Check the Events page for upcoming sacred gatherings. 


It was so beautifully healing. My first sip brought me to tears. After sadness, came relief and then a splash of gratitude. Then came laughter. I laughed at the ride I’ve been taking for many months - stress, frustration, love, sadness. By my fourth cup, I felt calm and a greater stillness. A perfectly crafted ride. This could be the beginning of what I’ve wanted for myself for a long time. Could one morning of 5:15 wake up and tea meditation really do all this for me?”
— C.W. - Private Tea ceremony recipient, 2017